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As cute as the Tiny Felted Joy project is, it came from a place of inner turmoil. Bipolar disorder ravaged my young adulthood and my perception of my life would change within the blink of an eye. What I believed to be my own shortcomings were actually a chemical imbalance. Therapy and medication have shown me a beautiful and serene world that I'm finally glad that I didn't leave when I was 23. But just like the bad times pass, the good do too. I had two deaths in my family along with a career path that wasn't made for me that sent me into a tailspin. Instead of turning in on myself like I usually do, I turned to art. I started Tiny Felted Joy because I was painstakingly creating a reason for myself to live. I needed to feel like I was needed somewhere, that someone somewhere was looking forward to something that only I had total control over.  


 No matter how small and insignificant it might feel, you have to push yourself to find reasons to live. Telling yourself to push to the next day so that you can finish your Netflix series or even leave your house for the first time in months to find a tiny animal is enough. I know that people are struggling with their own issues too so I wanted to pass on that purpose of pushing to the next day to you. I wanted to help out local businesses and have all of you try these hidden gems even if you didn't find one of my creations. I wanted us to see the world together. This project has given me so much joy and purpose and here I am bringing that joy to you. Thank you for being here on this journey with me. 

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